Over 100 Years of Service


Exceptional Health Care Services

The veterinarians of Stresser Animal Hospital in Chicago, IL are here to bring quality medical care for your beloved pets. Since 1891, our facility has been trusted in the area when it comes to first-rate veterinary care. We treat our clients’ pets as if they are our own.

Specialized Pet Health Facility

We aim to provide your pets the best veterinary care. With our years of experience and technical knowledge from training and study, you can rest assured that your furry friend is in safe hands. We expertly perform complicated medical procedures, as well as simple routine check-ups.

Call Us for Reliable Pet Health Restoration

Entrust your pet’s health and well-being to our trained veterinarians. Call us at (773) 237-3960 for reliable animal medical services. We are open 24 hours daily to be able to accommodate any emergency calls. Your calls are welcome anytime.